Everyone deserves to own their home.

We were founded in 2015 by a group of industry veterans from the property, banking, and fintech sectors with one goal: developing the most robust solution to solve one of the biggest problems in housing: loan rejections.

The Beginning

Birth of JA Avenue Holding, focusing on R&D into financial tech


Foray into Fintech

Full digitization of internal operations and launch of fintech division


Launch of im2u

Launch of Malaysia's premier mortgage management platform, imortgage2u


The Ecosystem Grows

Development of loan eligibility system and establishment of FINTOS' property investment venture


Property Management

Establishment of property management and administration platform


FINTOS is Reborn

Transformation into FINTOS Venture Group consolidating FINTOS App, R&D & JA Avenue


Regulatory approval

Acquisition of a Money Lending License, as well as launch of FINTOS Scoring Report 1.0 and FINTOS Loan Navigator App


New Capabilities

Launch of Fintos Scoring Report 2.0 and Digitalist Financial Proposal 1.0


Towards Greater Heights

Seed financing round completed with Avalon Park Group, a US-based private fund as lead investor


Embark on your home ownership journey

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