Powered by a team of industry experts

At the heart of FINTOS lies a team of seasoned professionals, each bringing in-depth expertise from the realms of finance, technology, real estate, and customer service. 

Johnson Au

Founder & CEO

Johnson brings more than two decades of experience in the world of credit finance, debt restructuring, and property investment. He founded advisory services and FinTech companies with the goal of providing comprehensive financial solutions to customers, utilizing technology to promote better financial management.

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Jeffery Tan

Co-founder & Deputy CEO

With extensive expertise in financial management, business strategy, and technological innovation, Jeffrey has played a pivotal role in shaping Fintos’ trajectory. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he has successfully co-founded ventures such as myTukar (car platform), rekatone (renovation), myliving.mylife (protech), Chargesini (EV charging), and Oly Group (beauty & wellness).

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Liz Ang

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

With a background as a Chartered Accountant, Liz brings her keen financial acumen to her role in business development at Fintos. She also takes charge of overseeing Fintos Property, leveraging her robust understanding of the Malaysian real estate market and strong business network.

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Ravi Kumar


Ravi is a partner at Avalon Park Group, a private diversified investment company with a global portfolio of real estate investment and development projects. He has worked on numerous cross border transactions in the real estate and project financing space.

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The power of an ecosystem

The FINTOS ecosystem covers the end-to-end customer experience in their journey from debtor to homeowner.

Digitize your loan systems

FINTOS Solutions bring a fast, seamless workflow to any business that deals with client loans.
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