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Enriching Lives for a Sustainable Financial Future

Fintos is a fintech company driven by a profound mission: to bring financial freedom to all. We envision a financially healthy society shaped by money-smart individuals.

To achieve this vision, we have developed a full-fledged financial services ecosystem that includes advisory services, financing solutions, cutting-edge technology, property management, and educational resources. We aim to guide you through every aspect of your financial life, enhancing your well-being and contributing to a sustainable future of finance.

The Key To Financial Freedom

Our corporate slogan encapsulates the spirit of Fintos' commitment: For customers, we are a trusted partner. For shareholders, we provide long-term value creation. For communities around the world, we pave the way for a future where financial empowerment is within everyone's reach.




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Our Vision & Mission.

We are committed to shaping a future where sustainability takes center stage, and we achieve this by harnessing the power of our innovative products, solutions, unwavering passion, and robust financial resilience.

Our values bring us together and guide us forward.

Our values serve as the foundation that unites us and guides our forward trajectory. We strive to cultivate an environment where each individual can flourish and bring out their best, fostering a collaborative spirit that fuels success for our customers.


Delivering exceptional customer experiences by focusing on their needs and expectations


Fostering creativity and continuously developing better solutions to drive progress


Moving in tandem with financial technology to respond to the ever-changing market environment


Committed to always doing things in an honest and friendly manner


Keeping a positive outlook to seek new responsibilities and opportunities in areas where we are experts


Fostering a sustainable future that leads to social and economic improvements in the community in which we operate

Meet the leadership team who are leading the change.

Johnson Au

Founder & CEO

Since 2009, Johnson has been actively involved in credit finance, debt restructuring, and property investment. He founded advisory services and FinTech companies to provide comprehensive financial solutions to customers, utilizing technology to promote better financial management.

Jeffrey Tan

Co-founder & Deputy CEO

With extensive expertise in financial management, business strategy, and technological innovation, Jeffrey has played a pivotal role in shaping Fintos' trajectory. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he has successfully co-founded ventures such as myTukar (car platform), rekatone (renovation), myliving.mylife (protech), Chargesini (EV charging), and Oly Group (beauty & wellness).

Liz Ang

Co-founder & Chief Business Officer

With a background as a Chartered Accountant, Liz brings her keen financial acumen to her role in business development at Fintos. She also takes charge of overseeing Fintos Property, leveraging her robust understanding of the Malaysian real estate market and strong business network.


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We work closely with our subsidiaries and partners to establish a full-fledged business ecosystem and systematize a series of excellent ecosystem services.

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